Our New Adventure

Well hello there gorgeous! So for the last year (or so) I have had that feeling that we needed a change. I didn't know what that would look like, but I prayed I would wake up one day and it would just make sense.  We explored a lot of options for change and felt a move was something we were ready for.  We never expected to move as fast or as far as we did, but I can honestly say,
I am super happy to announce we have relocated to Phoenix, Arizona and while the sun is hot and the cactus are blooming and I am feeling reenergized. I took some time off, once we fully committed to this move, because it meant so many changes for us.  We changed jobs, changed houses, and changed states all in the matter of days! I did my best to maintain the energy, posts, production, etc. that keeps C&C alive knowing that so many of you would understand this transition once it was announced. I appreciate you all sticking with me, messaging me when I went a few days without posting to check in, and to those who offered to help! Moving is never easy, but with a good support system it is oh so worth it!

Do you live in Arizona?

Message me, lets meet!!!

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